Christie C Randolph, Ph.D.

3800 Silver Plume Lane
Boulder, Colorado 80305

(303) 499-9044

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Patient Age Groups:
Young Adults
Older Adults


Also providing:
Supervision & Consultation

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Michigan State University, 1970

Background / Experience:
14 years as a university faculty member doing psychotherapy and training graduate students; 24 years in private practice in Boulder and Denver; co-founder of a rape crisis center; consultant to battered women’s shelters and drug treatment centers

Professional Interests / Specialties:
•  Providing a safe and nurturing environment/sensitivity to human
•  Helping people with depression and anxiety, including performance
•  Helping people heal from the trauma of sexual, physical or emotional
   abuse, using EFT when appropriate (brief therapy for alleviation
   of symptoms)
•  Helping people resolve difficulty in their relationships with spouses,
   other family members, friends and coworkers
•  Assisting people to change addictive behaviors and cope more effectively
•  Women’s issues
•  Working through issues around cancer and other life-threatening illnesses
•  Career counseling

Professional Affiliations / Activities:
National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology
American Psychological Association

Other information:
Denver hours available

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