Lyn Gullette, Ph.D.

932 Main Street
Louisville, Colorado 80027

(303) 926-7300

Licensed Psychologist

Patient Age Groups:
Older Adults


Also providing:

Ph.D. from University of Colorado, Psychological Educational Studies, 1985

Background / Experience:
Over 25 years as a therapist in agencies, schools, hospitals and private practice; school psychologist; 11 years as a teacher in public schools

Professional Interests / Specialties:
I believe that human beings naturally grow and heal.   I emphasize a practical, supportive, non-judgmental course of treatment.

•  Therapy for individuals, couples or families with stress, conflict, mood/  
    anxiety problems and life transition difficulties
•  Communication training and skill building for self-management of
    intense emotions
•  Consultation and coaching for parents and children concerning
    parenting issues; school issues; developmental changes; peer, behavior
    or attitude problems
•  Emotional and psychological preparation for dealing with the legal
    system; consultations with clients or attorneys
•  Assessment and individualized treatment programs for Internet and
   video game problem behavior

Professional Affiliations / Activities:

Board of Directors – Balanced Choice HealthCare, Inc.
Board of Directors – Health Care for All Colorado
Author of Difficult Clients, Dedicated Attorneys (2005)

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and you request the Guild discount when agreeing to fees at the beginning of therapy.
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