Neil Rosen, Psy.D., P.C.

2299 Pearl Street, Suite 107
Boulder, Colorado 80302

155 South Madison, Suite 222
Denver, Colorado 80209

(303) 494-1116

Licensed Psychologist

Patient Age Groups:


Psy.D., University of Denver, 1988
Psychoanalyst, Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis, 2000

Background / Experience:
20+ years experience in private practice

Professional Interests / Specialties:
I use skill, responsiveness and humor to help you enhance your life and
deal with difficulties.  People with whom I work ususally look forward to
meeting and say they’ve grown from the experience.  One said, "You tell
me where I’m mixed up in a nice way, so I can hear it and do things
differently."  I help:

•  Individuals and couples with relationship and emotional difficulties
•  Professionals, academicians, artists, writers, chefs, scientists, engineers
   and other creative individuals
•  Remove obstacles to fulfilling one’s potential
•  Children  and adolescents cope effectively with peer and
   family relations, behavior and intense moods
•  People who have tried psychotherapy without getting the results they  
•  Address health, diet, exercise and lifestyle

Professional Affiliations / Activities:
Faculty, Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis
Clinical Instructor, Department of Psychiatry, CU Health Sciences Center
Published in Divorce Edition Magazine and Colorado Lawyer
Volunteer, Boulder County AIDS Project
Volunteer, Red Cross, 9/11 at World Trade Center and Hayman fire, CO

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and you request the Guild discount when agreeing to fees at the beginning of therapy.
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