Patricia Carruth, M.S.W., Psy.D.

1634 Walnut Street, Suite 201
Boulder, Colorado 80302

(303) 415-2725

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Patient Age Groups:


Also providing:
Parent Coaching
Parenting Classes

Doctorate in Psychology, Psy.D., University of Denver, 1997; M.S.W., University of Denver, 1988

Background / Experience:
22 years as a psychotherapist; 6 years as a mental health and child development consultant to preschool and childcare programs in Boulder County; 3 years as a high school teacher; fluent in SPANISH and FRENCH

Professional Interests / Specialties:

• Helping people overcome anxiety, depression, anger, low self-esteem
  and relationship problems
•  Working with individuals and families to resolve issues related to  
   abuse, loss, trauma, divorce, and other life challenges
•  Using EMDR with children and adults to heal trauma, strengthen inner
   resources, and enhance performance—athletic, artistic, personal,
   professional or social
•  Consultation/Coaching for parents and children with ADHD,
   dyslexia and other school-related academic and/or social problems
•  Helping children improve self-esteem, express feelings/needs
   appropriately, and learn skills to interact positively with peers and adults
•  Special interest and experience working with parents of young children
   with challenging behaviors, emotional problems, and/or developmental

Professional Affiliations / Activities:
EMDR International Association
National Association of School Counselors
Volunteer, Mante, Mexico (Boulder’s Sister City)

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