Mental Health Disparity Version 2.0:
An Open Letter About Financial Discrimination Against Mental Health Services
Published as: An Open Letter About Financial Discrimination Against Mental Health Services, 2009, The Independent Practitioner, (29)3. p. 151–157

Ivan J. Miller May 6, 2009

Mental health advocates have won the battle to achieve parity for mental health services paid by health insurance. Almost everywhere laws prohibit the overt financial discrimination against mental health services. With the old forms of disparity outlawed, insurance discrimination against mental health services has reemerged as Mental Health Disparity Version 2.0. The new disparity is more than the obvious invasions of privacy, special authorizations, and extensive paperwork required only for mental health patients. It is also a systematic pattern of low provider reimbursements that impairs access to quality services by forcing psychiatric units to close and by driving quality providers out of the field. As mental health advocates, we need to, and can do, something to stop Disparity 2.0.

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